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Urban Titan: 4 Harmless Animals That Scare the Shit Out of Everyone

While lots of sites will tell you that animals like sharks, bears and wolves aren’t nearly as dangerous as everyone thinks, the fact remains that they can still mess you up. Hell, even rattlesnakes, who kill 0.96% of the people they bite, will still put you in the ground if you’re drunk enough to decide to play catch with one of them.

Still, some animals that humanity has decided to be terrified of are actually completely harmless. Animals like…

New Cracked Article: 6 Absurd Movie Plots You Won't Believe Are Based on Reality

This article started out as something totally different — and while I swear to God I will eventually go back and write that article, in the mean time this one’s pretty dope too.

New Urban Titan Article: 4 Things The Avengers Taught Us About The World

Marvel Studios’ The Avengers is breaking all kinds of box office records and setting the standard for all future superhero movies, but what is it teaching us about ourselves, and the world? Lots, actually. For example…

Note: Fairly big spoilers.

Read the rest of the article at Urban Titan

2011's Dumbest Moments in Politics


2011 was a watershed year for politics. We witnessed an outpouring of popular dissent in the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street. We watched GOP presidential contenders rise and fall, lived to see the death of Osama bin Laden, and watched with solemnity the end of the Iraq War. But this year also had more than its fair share of screw-ups. So, what better way for us here at PCulpa to ring in 2012 than to remind the world of some of 2011’s dumbest political moments?

I wrote a chunk of this. Check it out.